Wind Loads

If you are building a new structure or undertaking structural renovations to an existing structure, Florida Building Code requires that it be engineered to withstand high winds. Wind speed by itself, does not control design requirements for construction, windload does! Implementation of the Florida Building Code requires many design considerations to be taken into account to properly determine a structures windload design. These wind load requirements are not just for residences and buildings, they also apply to towers, signs, pavilions and covered walkways.

Wind load provisions of the Florida Building Code are based on the American Society of Civil Engineers Standard (ASCE) and use wind speed measurement system called "3-second peak gust". Unlike the "fastest mile wind" (highest sustained winds) commonly used by weather reports, the "3-second-peak-gust" wind speed is 20 mph higher than the "fastest-mile" wind speed.

If your project is in a coastal area such as Jacksonville Beach or inland area such as Tallahassee, B. Robinson Corporation is abreast of current Florida wind load requirements. We offer fast turnaround and reasonable rates for wind load designs.

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